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Partial List of Produced Plays...

Playwright, composer, director, choreographer, founder of MAKING LIGHT, awarded Best Original Play (Venus Festival 2015), Best Play (Thespis Festival 2014). Entered into Indie Theater Hall of Fame 2005, Person of the Year 2005, Manhattan Theatre Source Hall of Fame 2006 for performances and production of live theatre Best Comedy at Edinburgh Fest., 2012.  Undergraduate in Dance at SUNY Brockport, Masters in Music from Columbia University’s Teachers College.  Producer/Author 60+ productions, director 80+ plays, tours with IMAGO, Chicago City Limits (MAC awards 2012, 2013),


2017 - Where Sleeping Gods Lie (Playdate), Theaterlab, NYC
2016 - 21 Short Plays by S.J. Fogarty, Theaterlab, NYC
2016 - The Overdevelopment of Scott, Venus Theater Festival, Best Original Play.
2016 - Speaking to the Dead (Playdate), TheaterLab, NYC.
2015 - Bride of Frankenstein ~ an experiment in intimacy, Venus Theater Festival, nominated Play Play/Director/Actress.
2014 - Witch Christmas! Bridge Theatre, NYC.
2014 - The Devil of Delancey Street, Thespis Theater Festival, Best Play, Roy Arias Theatres.
2010 – Speaking to the Dead, TheaterLab, NYC.
2007 – Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde, Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC.
2005, 2006, 2007 – Witch Christmas!, Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC.
2006 – Flying Dreams, Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC
2005 – The Devil of Delancey Street, 78th Street Theatre Lab.
2005 – Where Sleeping Gods Lie, Manhattan Theatersource, NYC.
2004 – Sep’-ul-kur, The Greenwich Street Theatre, Spotlight On Halloween Festival, Best Supporting Actress Karen Christie-Ward.
2003, 04 – How to See in the Dark, Manhattan Theatre Source, NYC.
2003, 02 & 01 & - The Overdevelopment of Scott, Dixon Place.
2002 – Putnam,  Actors Playground, NYC.
2001, 97, 92 - Bride of Frankenstein ~ an experiment in intimacy, Synchronicity Space, Mulberry Street Theatre, Manhattan Theatre Source. 
2001 - Santangelo Rising, Dixon Place.
2000 through Present, It’s a Wonderful One Man Show Life!  Underground at St. Marks, Manhattan Theatre Source, Bridges Theater.
2000 & 2001 Next to Nothing, Manhattan Theatre Source and NYC Fringe Festival.
2000 - ‘heaven’, Greenwich Street Theatre, Manhattan Theater Source.
1999 - Feminine Monsters Throughout History, Synchronicity Space.
1997 - BACH Remedies ~ hysterical essays on depression, Synchronicity Space, Greenwich Street Theatre, Hallwalls Theatre (Buffalo, NY)
1996 - True Love Stories, Synchronicity Space, NYC.
1995 - Alice… The Later Years, Context Theatre, NYC.
1993 - On The Ark, Merce Cunningham Theatre, NYC.
1992 - Making Light, Nikolais/Lewis ChoreoSpace, NYC.
1990 - Dances For a Small Planet, Tada! Theatre, NYC.
1989 - Three Choreographers Named Fogarty, Ethnic Folk Arts Center, NYC.
1988 - New Works in Old Shoes, Eden’s Expressway, NYC.
1986 - Poor Jayne and her Rich Life, RAPP Arts Center, NYC.

Partial Acting Credits...

Chicago City Limits Touring Company, Improviser, NYC/USA Tours (Current)
Luck of the Draw, Improviser, The Improv/The PIT '05-'07
Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde, Nora, Manhattan Theatre Source '07
The Devil of Delancey Street, Mrs. Chaste, 78th St. Theatre Lab '05
Where Sleeping Gods Lie, Sr. Marlena, Manhattan Theatre Source '05
St. Francis of Hollywood, Lilian, Manhattan Theatre Source '05
White Liars, Sophie, Manhattan Theater Source '04
Henry VI, Part 2, Duke of Yorke. Instant Shakespeare '04
Macbeth, Lady MacBeth, Bard at the Bar '04
Much Ado About Nothing, Lady Beatrice, Bard at the Bar '04
SIDD, Lead Mystic, et al Manh. Theatre Source '04 
The Overdevelopment of Scott, Programmer, Midtown Intl Theatre Fest '03
Putnam, Marilyn Monroe, Actors’ Playground ‘02
Next to Nothing, Beati/Michele NY Intl Fringe Fest ‘01
Bride of Frankenstein, Mary, Manhattan Theatre Source ‘01
Funny… Sheesh, Performer/Improviser, Cabarets ‘96-01
Feminine Monsters, Dancer, Synchronicity Space ‘99
‘heaven’, Josephine NY Intl Fringe ‘00
IMAGO Mask Theatre, Numerous Creatures, USA Tour ’96-‘99
BACH Remedies, Lead, Greenwich St. Theatre/Hallwalls ‘96
My Sister in This House, Madame Danzard Westbeth Theatre ‘96
Othello/Doug Elkins Dance Co., Emilia Dance Theater Workshop, ‘95
The Games/Meredith Monk, Ping Chong, Brooklyn Academy of Music & Tour
Quarry/Meredith Monk , Singer, Dancer, Actress La Mama, etc.

SCREEN: (Role, Director)
The Hunger Artist, Lead, Nicole Michaelis ‘05
The Cracks in My Shield, Mother, Zoe Van Brunt ‘05
Xstasy, Snobby Art Collector, Tommy DeGrezia ‘04
Pandora’s Machine, Evil Computer, Drew Bellware ‘03
Sparks, Head Nurse, Virginie Danglades ‘03
Learned, Executive Matthew Fortnow ‘02
Cowboy Mouthn Cavale, Terry Klein ‘99
No Prisonersn Actress/Writer, Stefan Petrucha ‘91-‘95
Let’s Go Out Tonightn Dancer, Slava Zuckerman/Nile Rogers ‘94
Voiceovers Available upon request, U2/MTV/SONY Music, Island Records. 

Training: B.S. in Dance and Theatre at S.U.N.Y. Brockport, Advanced levels at Cunningham & Limón Studios, Sarah Lawrence College towards MFA Arts Education, U. of Washington, Seattle - Skinner Release Technique, Trapeze, Fencing and Fight Choreography. Acting/Improv: American Globe, Michael Howard, Roger Simon, Upright Citizens Brigade, Chicago City Limits, The PIT. Voice: John Basil (American Globe), Gloria Maddox (Michael Howard Studio) / Singing: Patricia Parker (current). 

Special Skills: Singer, arranger, musician (advanced flute/voice, intermediate guitar, drums, piano), dancer (modern, ballet, jazz, ballroom, flamenco), trapeze/aerial work, choreographer of over 100 dance pieces, fight choreographer (broad sword, kung fu, slapstick), published playwright (Bride of Frankenstein and Sep-ul-kur) author of 38 produced plays, composer/lyricist, mask performer, pet owner. Awards/Recognition: NYTheatre.Com People of the Year Award 2005, Manhattan Theatre Source Hall of Fame 2004, USA Songwriting runner up, comedy division 2004.

Acting Quotes...

“Sharon Fogarty plays Lillian as a cross between Mama Rose and Amanda Wingfield; she has a terrific scene in Act Two in which, wearing Frances's tiara and pretending to be Frances, answering a fan letter, she successfully navigates over the deep end and shows us how deeply disturbed this woman—the most important influence on Frances—actually is.” – on ST. FRANCES OF HOLLYWOOD. 

“Fogarty is one of downtown theatre’s most inventive and, I fear, underappreciated geniuses.” on WHERE SLEEPING GODS LIE, March 2005.

“[Sophie] Lemberg, a tightly wound ball of eccentricity and disillusionment, is played brilliantly by Sharon Fogarty. She delivers every line with idiosyncratic perfection. Her eyes, as magnetic as they are disarming, give a superb performance of their own. ” -Sarah Bolson, on WHITE LIARS, July 2004. 
Photo: Jef Betz
“They're funny, especially as delivered by Sharon Fogarty, who is winningly pixilated and shrewd as the faux Baroness.” – On WHITE LIARS, Martin Denton,, July 2004.

“Sharon Fogarty played the guitar, and provided excellent - oh-so-sexy - voiceovers for the computer that ran the lab.” – Charles Battersby, OOBR, on THE OVERDEVELOPMENT OF SCOTT, August 2003.

“Fogarty is delicious as the [Marilyn] Monroe character…” – on PUTNAM, May 2003.

“Fogarty is the best thing about the play; a powerful, haunting, darkly funny, a ritualized birthing, a mythic forcing of the raw life force of Mary into a mold she did not choose.” – Roy Sorrels, Culture Vulture on BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN ~ an experiment in intimacy, September 2001. 

“The star of the evening was Sharon Fogarty… the audience roared in laughter. Ms. Fogarty is a find! I’m going to go out of my way to catch more of this extremely talented young woman. You should too!” – Applause, Applause on FUNNY SHEESH Musical Improv Theatre, 2000.

“Fogarty herself is a supreme actress, from the small movements of her mouth to the friendly concern and loss registered on her face when she can no longer enter the “door of depression.” – Bonnie Butkas, Buffalo News on BACH REMEDIES, 1996.

“A great performer…” (Othello/Moortown) “Beneath that innocent surface 
lurked an antic sense of humor and a very peculiar way of looking at the world.” (Making Light) Jennifer Dunning, NY TIMES. 

Above photos by Jef Betz.  Below from Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde by Lanie Zipoy, 2007.

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