Dec. 21 & 22 AT 7:00 PM,

Dec. 23 4:00 PM

at TheaterLab 357 West 36th St. NYC, 3rd Floor.

Tickets Here!


Top row: Rod Singleton*, CJ Zishuk, Martin Everall.
2nd row: Yasmeen Abed, Susan Secunda*, Karen Christie Ward*, Alisa Kryvenko.
3rd row: Dylan Teper, Liam Sheffield.

Top row: Rod Singleton, CJ Zishuk, Martin Everall. 2nd row: Yasmeen Abed, Susan Secunda, Karen Christie Ward*, Alisa Kryvenko. 3rd row: Dylan Teper, Liam Sheffield.





Witch Christmas!

A Making Light Production

Starring real live children! 

December 21st & 22nd at 7:00 PM

December 23rd at 4:00 PM

357 West 36th Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

Tickets $25 at www.theaterlabnyc.com


Perfect holiday fun without visiting families!  Recommended for kids from one to ninety-two, this one-act musical is ideal for releasing holiday stress and embracing holiday joy.  A poetic healing for hoarders, two slovenly witches adopt three children to assist in cleaning their haunted home:


The kitchen held Candice, or rather imprisoned

Amidst heaps of articles never decisioned

A fridge that was filled with some non-food possessions

Odd hats, an old toaster, roach carcass impressions

A basketball next to a pitcher of goo

That soured long after the moo cow’s last moo.

A fish tank, some crayons and trinkets too many

Some moldy old dish cloths, as if they used any

A carton of melted down chocolate ice cream

And dolls with no doll heads, no doll self-esteem…

Martin Everall (currently Scrooge in Amore Opera’s Scrooge & Gilbert & Sullivan) narrates the work.  Portraying the witches are Karen Christie-Ward (Nurse Charles in One Life to Live) and Susan Secunda (Arkansas Repertory Theater, Music Theater North).  Rod Singleton (Booker T. Washington in Asolo’s Ragtime) returns to his role as Santa Claus as does CJ Zishuk as the seductive Mrs. Claus.  Orphans are played by Yasmeen Abed, Alisa Kryvenko, Liam Sheffield and Dylan Teper stars as the Ghost of Christmas Trash.


Witch Christmas! is written and directed by Sharon Fogarty (founding artistic director of Making Light) who received a Person of the Year award from NYTheatre.com and was entered into the Manhattan Theatre Source Hall of Fame for performances and production of live theatre. 


“Fogarty is one of downtown theatre’s most inventive and, I fear, underappreciated geniuses.” Martin Denton, NYTheatre.com.


“Fogarty has mixed humor and terror with a deft hand.” BACKSTAGE.


“[Fogarty’s] work is fully honest – the highest compliment to any work of art.  It is also tragically funny – hysterical in several senses of the word.” Bonnie Butkas, BUFFALO NEWS.


Making Light recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of original works of music, dance and theater including Bride of Frankenstein – an experiment in intimacy, The Overdevelopment of Scott, Speaking to the Dead, Where Sleeping Gods Lie, Next to Nothing, The Devil of Delancey Street, Putnam, Flying Dreams, Portrait of the Artist as a Dumb Blonde and dozens more.  Making Light was awarded Best Original Play from NYC’s Venus Festival 2015, Best Play NYC’s Thespis Festival 2014, Best Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012 and entered into Indie Theater Hall of Fame 2005. 

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